Message from the Executive Director


The Challenges facing Higher Education institutions the world over are changing regularly and rapidly, based on macro-economic trends and on the changing needs of the “consumers” of higher education. One Challenge that remains constant for all institutions is finding sustainable funding solutions. Fee income and government subsidies are not enough to support institutional growth, investment in infrastructure and engagement in cutting edge knowledge production.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal Foundation was established to proactively identify sources of philanthropic giving and to attract such funding from the donor community.

The Foundation has established long lasting relationships with a number of donor organisations both locally and internationally. However our team is dedicated to attracting new donors to ensure that we can attract philanthropic income for generations to come.

The income we generate is allocated to various divisions and activities of the University. The one area in which we have excelled is Community Outreach programmes. UKZN staff have been very effective in converting donors into meaningful and measurable community-based programmed which meet the needs and aspirations of our donors and the communities we serve. However, the challenge of supporting student funding, infrastructure growth, teaching and learning and research, remains.

I would like to appeal to all our exisiting and prospective organizational donors to support the multifarious activitis of the University as outlined in this brochure and our website. Furthermore, I would like to appeal to all our Alumni to make a regular contribution to the University in order for u to continue to “Enable Greatness” at UKZN.

Thank you in anticipation

Professor Anesh Maniraj Singh